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Adopting a Cat


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Main Title: Adopting a Cat
In persuade of looking into having a pet for companionship. I started looking into adopting a cat which it could be a hard and challenging task, but it can also be a good decision a person takes. Cats are playful, lovable and very charming. Also, cats can offer entertainment and endless playing fun. Cats are nice soft pets and very loyal, they can bring happiness and companionship with lots of joy. But it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different types of cats to help pick the right cat so it will be an enjoyable relationship for both the owner and the cat.
People searching for pets as companionship can definitely find what they looking for when owning a cat as a pet. Cats have proven to contribute in a quality relationship with its owner. Studies indicate that cat owners have less stress than non pet owners and are less depressed, much healthier and have more chances of faster recovery from accidents and serious illness.
There are times that we go through some uncertainty and we might experience times of stress in our life. Studies have shown that cat owners can suffer much less anxiety or depression. Other studies have shown that cats can have a calming effect on patients who suffer from bad diseases like Alzheimer’s and can also have the same effect on their caretakers. Some people thinking of adopting a cat might not see, or they even might question these benefits but the answer could be in the calming feeling and soothing effect that comes with having a cat around, also these healthy emotional benefits could come from providing food, shelter and love to a cat.
When thinking about having a pet and come to comparing cats to other pets like dogs, cats are much easier to potty train compared to dogs. Cats do not need to be taken outside as regularly as dogs; Cats also have less needs and demands. They spend a lot of time

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