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Initial situation:

Natura, found by Mr. Luiz Seabra in 1969 in Sao Paulo, is a cosmetic company offering a wide range of products. The company was originally found on different values such as building a better world based on harmony with oneself, with others and with nature.

In 1969, the company was selling its product only in one store in an upper-class neighborhood in Sao Paulo. The products were manufactured in a small laboratory. Few years after its foundation, the company has decided to expand its distribution by using a direct sale distribution model. This distribution model consists to sell a product from person to person and was an advantage for the company because they were able to foster the relationship with the clients and to extend the distribution at low cost.

This direct sale strategy was organized in a simple structure. Natura hired some sales supervisors that have to hire sales representatives who were trained and monitored by the supervisors. This strategy was interesting for the company because the sales representatives had no work attachment with Natura, which gave flexibility for the company. Their salary was just a commission on the products sold.

The customers had to select products on catalogues and placed their orders threw a call center or company’s website. Then the products were delivered to the sales representatives in 24 hours and delivered to the customers.

This directs sales system is an interesting system for Natura, because it is a flexible, quick and inexpensive sales model, which gives the possibility to the sales representatives to strengthen the relation with the customer.

In 38 years, the company has expanded its product in many different countries in South and Central America and in Europe as well. The products are available in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and France.

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