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Marketing Management- MKTG305
Unit 1 DB
October 5, 2012

GO Green Air Purifiers

The product that I choose was Ionic air purifier. Ionic air purifiers are a health risk; because it simply produces ozone, and that is a known human poison. According to the U.S. EPA, ozone can cause several major problem in a huma-begin. These problems consist of severe respiratory problems; vex asthma; substantial short-term decreases in lug capacity of fifteen to over twenty percent in some healthy adults;as well as inflammation of the lung-tissue. It also leads to emergency room visits and hospital admissions; and between ten to twenty percent of all summertime respiratory related hospital visits in the northeastern U.S. are associated with ozone contamination. It will also weaken your body immune response defenses; therefore, making us we the people be more vulnerable to respiratory infections; such as pneumonia and bronchitis (Ozone, 2012). The main focus of a market is simply to promote there products, and to achieve a better outcome then other leading brands. The sad thing is when customer enters a store to buy a product; they instantly think that there getting more for their money; as well as improving there situation. But in fact there making their situation worse by harming the people around them; as well as the environment with all the harsh chemicals that's in the product that the brought.(Green Clean Certified, 2012). We, as the marketer of Ionic Air Purifiers simply need to protect our environment from these harmful toxic product. We simply need to promote a new Ionic air Purifier that is made with a HEPA filter; because it is much more effective, cheaper, and it removes allergens and pollution, and smoke as well. We also need to put in a UV (ultraviolet) lamp, because it germicidal light will kill germs and bacteria. The final thing that I think we need to implement into our product is a photocatalyst filter. This filter will remove the VOC's (volatile organic compounds), which are found in household chemicals, common household odors, chemical emissions from new carpet, toxic paint, and indoor air pollution (Therapure Air, 2012). By implementing all of these items you will be protecting our environment; as well as providing individuals with clean an breathable air. Customers today are looking for an indoor air purifier unit, that is not only safe for them and their families; but also protects the environment as well. But in order for us to stand-out from the rest of the competitors; we will need to promote our creation by creating Information graphics, better known as infographics. The infographics will aesthetically show numerous of statistics regarding our product to consumers. As well as informing them that our products are now go green products; and environmentally friendly, and the air-quality indoors is safe and breathable. This will simply make customers feel safe to purchases our product. When it comes to promoting our new and improved air purifier, we ca do countless publications, blog sites, we can create an accounts with network sites, Facebook. We will basically provide them with pictures of our new product, and its features, and its benefits of being environmental.

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