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Carl Interview Q&A I. Why did Emart choose to import Manuka honey? a. In recent years, consumers have been increasingly aware of the quality of the honeys they are buying in the market, and they are increasingly demanding quality and credibility. Because of this, New Zealand’s Manuka honey has been gaining in popularity, and we wanted to be able to give our customers a high quality, healthy honey like Manuka at affordable prices. b. Before Emart imported Manuka Honey, Korean consumers couldn’t buy affordable Manuka Honey in any supermarkets. II. So why did Emart choose to import from Airborne Honey as its first Manuka Honey? a. We chose Airborne Honey because of their credibility in two main areas: i. Airborne Honey is New Zealand’s oldest honey company at 102 years old. ii. Airborne Honey has a great quality control system, where they focus on 3 specific points: 1. They test exactly how much pollen is in every batch, and guarantee all honeys meet international CODEX standards (UN FAO/WHO guidelines). 2. Airborne Honey uses a patented system that produces undamaged, natural honeys with extremely low heat damage. 3. Airborne Honey has a very detailed traceability system, where they can tell customers exactly where their honey came from---and pinpoint it on a map of New Zealand a. For example, instead of saying a general location, such as “Your honey came from the Seoul area of Korea, Airborne could say that this particular jar of honey came from beehives on the backside of the King Sejong statue at Gwanghwamun.” b. Because Korean consumers are very sensitive these days about honey quality, we felt that Airborne Honey could give them the confidence in high quality products for affordable prices they have been looking for. i. One thing that consumers might not know is that Airborne Honey not only measures honey pollen count, but also tests for color grade, mineral level, and sugar profiles---and so can test to see if there is any adulteration in the honey. ii. But New Zealand honeys normally don’t have any sugar adulteration problems. III. Last year, Airborne Honey was visited by a delegation from the Korean agriculture and beekeeping industry to learn about Airborne’s technology to improve the standards of the Korean honey industry.

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