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Alcohol Fermitaion


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Alcoholic Fermentation Accompanied by Dry Mustard
Biology Lab (Section 10) 17 November 2012

Abstract Alcoholic fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisia has been used for centuries in baking. The process of alcoholic fermentation by the Saccharomyces cerevisia creates byproducts such as carbon dioxide and ethanol. The byproduct of ethanol that Saccharomyces cerevisia produces is used in winemaking and brewing. Yet, in baking the yeast reacts to the heat which produces large amounts of carbon dioxide gas that causes the dough to rise. This happens since the gas can’t escape, the pressure from the gaseous molecules make the dough expand. With this knowledge, an experiment procedure can be conducted to test for activators or inhibitors for yeasts production of carbon dioxide. Introduction Fermentation is an anaerobic, meaning without the use of oxygen in the process; this is vital for organisms. When oxygen is low, organisms can no longer perform cellular respiration. Fermentation allows the organism to continue to make ATP molecules, but in lower increments that still allow organisms to maintain function. Because fermentation does not use oxygen, it only involves the prior process of glycolysis (Reece). This experiment specifically deals with the alcoholic fermentation since the yeast used is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is a single-celled fungus, also known as “baker’s yeast,” that is most common in alcoholic beverages and bread. Alcoholic fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae creates the byproducts, carbon dioxide and ethanol (Encyclopedia Britannica). A typical ingredient used in cooking is the spice, dry mustard. Dry mustard is an ingredient containing finely grounded seeds of a mustard plant, mainly used to marinate meats (Bon Appetit). Adding dry mustard to the test tubes will increase the reaction of yeast and produce more carbon dioxide. Thus

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