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Algebra Logic


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I currently live in Burlington, North Carolina and North Carolina is one of the 13 states that utilize the non-partisan system of election. “North Carolina judges are elected by the voters of the state in non-partisan elections.” (, 2013)
For this assignment we are to research two recently elected judges in our county or state. I have chosen Judge James K. Roberson and Judge David Thomas Lambeth, Jr. both judges are current District Courts Judges for the Judicial District 15A for Alamance County, North Carolina. “The required education to become a District Court Judge you must have a bachelor’s degree followed by a degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.).” (, 2013) “Years of experience as a practicing attorney make it possible for the prospective District Court Judge to be considered for appointment.” (, 2013) The judges must also meet the requirements from the N.C. State Bar Association as they are outlined below. According to the North Carolina Bar Association the requirements for an attorney being admitted to the N.C. Bar, they have to first comply with the rules of the Bar Association as well as with the state. As education needed to be accepted to the N.C. Bar each applicant “must have satisfactorily completed the academic work required for admission to a law school approved by the Council of the N.C. State Bar.” (, 2013) In order to becoming licensed by the Board to practice law in the State of North Carolina, a general applicant shall:
“posses the qualifications of character and general fitness requisite for an attorney and counselor-at-law and be of good moral character and entitled to the high regard and confidence of the public and have satisfied the requirements of the State Bar and pass a written bar examination, be a the age of at least 18 years

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