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Soon I was in deep sleep. I was woken up by a very strange light. The light was golden and was bright. There was no other light in the room except that one and it looked like it came from one person. Well, you can’t call it a person I’d say. It was about the normal average height of an adult. It had pointed ears and slightly upturned eyes. It had a small wooden stick, probably a wand in her hand and a brownish bag in the other. It was wearing a colourful frock and her hair was tied in a bun. She was also wearing a necklace. It clearly was a female, whatever it was. She looked kind of an elf, the ones you read in Artemis Fowl but soon after I realized that she was a fairy. She was shocked to see me as I was to see her. Then I slowly gained the courage to ask her who I she was and what was she doing in my room. She was a faltering to answer. I told her there was nothing to be scared of and that she could tell me everything freely, I wouldn’t tell it to anyone. She said that she would tell the truth but on the condition that I wouldn’t tell it to anyone. I agreed. She said that she was sent from heaven and she was the new fairy of distributing dreams. So as she was new she was also quite inexperienced. As she was like a new “species” that I had seen probably discovered I was curious. I asked her more. She said that she was Ophelia and she was quite popular in heaven as she was married to the Archangel Gabriel. She was distributing dreams in our colony and my house happens to be the last house and that she had finished her work for the night. In the brownish bag of her there were dreams and the wooden stick was actually a wand as I had anticipated. She had said that she was the fairy who gave good dreams and the nightmares used to come from the devils who resided in hell I was quite surprised to hear that they had marriages even in Heaven. I asked her more about Heaven but she said I’ll get to know everything in the right time. She also said that she was immortal. As people are immortal in Heaven it used to get overcrowded so the people who do not behave properly in Heaven are again sent back to the earth. As a matter of fact Lord Krishna was so naughty in Heaven that all the Gods sent him back in Earth many a times. Two of them are well known like the Mahabharata and the other was when he killed Kansa. This killing of the devil king Kansa is celebrated as Holi. I was indeed awestricken by hearing this. Then I told her everything about myself, about my family, my friends, and as of earthly affairs she seemed to know more than me.
We talked for about 2-3 hours after that which a little “tring-tring” sound came. Ophelia said that now it was time to go. She could not be in earth after 3pm as that is when people start waking up. With a heavy heart I said goodbye and she again reminded me not to tell anyone. She told that if I behaved like a good boy than, maybe, she would pay a visit again. With that she vanished. In the morning when I woke up I thought hard upon the fairy, Ophelia’s visit. I did not have even one evidence of her visit, but I was wrong. She had left her necklace for me. As I examined it closely I saw that on the pendant “OPHELIA” was carved out. And with that I was off to school.

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