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Alumni Follow-Up

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Alumni follow-up is an important strategy in supporting alumni through the early months in a new job, and over time in achieving employment retention, wage gains and promotions. Long term employment is one of Per Scholas’ key success outcomes.


Advancement Coaching, Retention and General Follow-up
Advancement and retention follow-up focuses on activities designed to support both employed and unemployed graduates in obtaining employment, troubleshooting workplace challenges, achieving wage gains and advancement. This involves outreach to alumni via phone, email, text, and when necessary, written correspondence. At times retention follow-up is combined with career coaching activities. Staff responsible for advancement coaching …show more content…
Employment verification information must be collected for each new job or promotion received by the graduate at each of these milestone markers.

In collecting employment and advancement information, retention staff will work with Per Scholas staff, graduates and employers to verify job placement. Should no direct contact with the student or their employment be possible, The Work Number, and if necessary, C3 Intelligence, is the last means of collecting and confirming placement and retention information. In order to obtain employment information from C3 Intelligence an employment verification form must be forwarded to C3 Intelligence in advance of the search request. This form should be part of the Kick-off package.

Alumni Services
Alumni of Per Scholas are entitled to follow-up services and courses for additional certification following graduation. Alumni course offering varies across sites, but include: Security+, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Windows Server, Project Management and other high demand …show more content…
Managing Directors and other supervisors will use Salesforce as a tool to track program activities and outcomes in virtually all program areas. Additionally Salesforce can be used to track staff usage as well. Entering data in Salesforce on a timely basis is critical to ensure that all data pulled from Salesforce is up-to-date, accurate, and reflective of staff efforts.

Staff can also use Salesforce to create and customize existing reports that can be stored in a personal folder. Dashboards serve to summarize site and national program data and is a useful planning and reporting tool.

As a rule of thumb Salesforce entries should be updated as the applicant or student’s workflow status changes. Additionally, at the start of every calendar year all scheduled classes should be entered into Salesforce as cycles. This will serve as the training calendar of scheduled classes for a respective site and will help staff make appropriate planning.

The Salesforce User Guide section will be developed by Jerome. The Salesforce Tip Sheet that provides some Salesforce guidance can be used in the interim. This will be replaced by Jerome’s content down the

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