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An American History of Freedom


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An American History of Freedom
Throughout history, the word “freedom” has taken on many definitions. After all, freedom is a relative concept in general. There is no one set definition, as the word itself changes over time and is based off the society in which the word is being applied. As Eric Foner points out, “The Story of American freedom is not simply a saga of a fixed set of rights to which one group after another has gained access, but a tale of debates, disagreements and struggles, with lots of bumps and wrong turns along the way.” Throughout our history, America has been through several wars and problems, each causing a change in its definition of freedom; helping form the free country that it is today.
Freedom has always been a topic in the American way of life. This does not mean however, that freedom has meant the same thing to all Americans at all points in time. In fact, over time, the focus of freedom has changed dramatically over time. During the American Revolution, soon-to-be Americans fought in the name of liberty and independence. Britain had always had a view of freedom as the submission to authority. When Americans arrived on the land, they realized this was no longer appropriate. Thomas Jefferson maid this clear as liberty was included as one of the “unalienable rights” in the Declaration of Independence. ( The problem, however, is that the Declaration of Independence asserted that “all men are created equal.” While this sounds like true freedom, it distinctly leaves out the word woman. During this time, Women were all universally denied the right to vote despite the Declaration implying that all should be equal. Along with that, the Declaration clearly laid out property requirements in order to achieve the right to vote. At this time, large segments of the male population failed to meet

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