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Letter of Transmittal
12th October 2015

Md Arifur Rahman
Asst. professor
Faculty of Business Studies
Bangladesh University of Professionals

Subject: For the acceptance of the Term Paper Report.

Dear Sir,
It gives me immense pleasure that we are undergoing the undergraduate degree in Faculty of Business
Study (FBS), Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). We were needed to compose a term paper report that is on Internationalizing a Bangladeshi Product: Sun Chips.

Via this application we would like to submit our term paper report with its associated details. We have put our best efforts to apply all the theoretical concepts of different research methodology in real life situation. The detailed report has been attached along with this letter.

I hope with great excitement that you will like and accept our report, humbly looking forward to your cooperation.

Rahnuma Firdaus (ID:1304081)
Sahira Zaheen (ID:1304067)
Sanjia Khan Sivan (ID:1304087)
Labiba Mahmood (ID:1304105)
Sumana Afrin (ID:1304053)


We would like to thank our honorable sir Assistant Professor Md Arifur Rahman, for his keen efforts and invaluable guidance which helped us to understand how to properly and efficiently conduct research in any field necessary, especially in the field of business as well as its different implementation and impact on organizations and say to day life of the general population which facilitated the successful completion of this report.

We would like to thank also MD. Mushfiq Alam Mallik the brand manager of Square Toiletries LTD and the respondents of the customer survey for giving their time to fill up the questionnaire and help us prepare the project.


Executive Summary
Square Toiletries

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