Analysis of the Baderman Island Resort

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Analysis of the Baderman Island Resort

To: All employees
From: Unknown
Date: May 21, 2012
Re: Explanation of the Implementation of New Employee Handbook
Please take the time and read this important memo in detail, it is complied with pertinent information explaining the reasons why a new employee handbook will be issued for future use. As the Baderman Island Resort continues to grow in popularity and lure old and new travelers to the island, the Boardman Management Group understands the necessity of having a well-developed employee handbook will be beneficial tool for current employees as well the future employees that will be desired as a result of the expansion of the resort. Also, The Boardman Management Group would like every employee to understand the organization’s specific goals, cultural values, and significance of each member of the organization providing the finest customer service to our guests. Below is an explanation of several different aspects of the mission and vision statement that the company requests the staff is familiar with as well as a description of what the main focus areas that will be covered in the employee handbook.
To begin with, the company would like each employee to be aware that we will be changing our organization to follow a more strict compliance-based cultural system. The achievement and success that the organization has experienced thus far is the result of combining both compliance and values based ethical systems and the company feels that more structure will allow the opportunity for growth and continued success and profitability. However, the company wants all members/employees to continue taking the initiative to self-motive themselves to provide quality customer service, continue…...