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Target audience for this advertisement would be for anyone that would not normally give blood. It is using multiple imagery, the mother with child and the droplet of blood. It then states “Give blood for those who give life”. In particular the target audience could be anyone that knows a mother with a newborn.
This advertisement makes effective use of pathos (or emotion). The image of the mother with a child, kissing its forehead, shows care and warmth. For people who may be sitting on the fence with regards to donating blood, an image like this might draw them in to read the words on the page. Using the words “give life” clearly draws the reader that by donating blood you can save a life.
This advertisement also makes use of logos, by appealing to the readers’ common sense and beliefs. The image of a blood drop, the words “give blood” and “World Blood Donor Day” appeal to those who would also give blood without the other images targeting emotion. The simplicity of the advertisement means that it does not distract from its message.

The target audience for this advertisement would be a family person with young children. The reason I believe this is that the image of the baby and the words “Because so much is riding on your tires” implies that these tires are suitable for your vehicle because they will be able to keep your children safe.
This clearly appeals to logos, sense of logic, beliefs and reason. The child in this advertisement is also looking towards the reader, which also draws the attention, causing the reader to read the headline. Baby’s in advertisements have been used extensively as shown by a simple “google search” on advertising. This proves that the use of babies in advertising is a proven strategy.
In this advertisement shoppers may be convinced that by buying these particular tires that their family may be safer.

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