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In the reading "My Dearest Child" in Pens of Many Colours, Joy Mannette tells her son about his roots in which geographic area of Canada?


The Prairies


British Columbia

Correct Response
Nova Scotia

Question 2 0 / 1 point
In the reading "Itsuka" by Joy Kogawa in Pens of Many Colours, what action taken by the Canadian government does the author describe?

The decision to enter World War II

Correct Answer
The apology given in Parliament to Canadians of Japanese descent for sending them to internment camps during World War II.

The adoption of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Incorrect Response
The apology given in Parliament to Canadians of Italian descent for sending them to internment camps during World War II.

The passage of the Multiculturalism Act

Question 3 1 / 1 point
Which author in Pens of Many Colours wrote the poem "The Immigrants"?

Lyse Champagne

Correct Response
Margaret Atwood

Joy Mannette

Denise Chong

Helga Mills

Question 4 1 / 1 point
In the reading, "Breaking the Barriers" in Pens of Many Colours, Helga Mills tells the stories of which category of immigrants?

Transnational migrants

Only immigrants from Somalia

Family class immigrants

Correct Response
Refugee women

Female economic immigrants

Question 5 1 / 1 point
Joy Kogawa writes about which group of migrants to Canada? The Chinese The Dutch The Iranians The Koreans
Correct Response The Japanese
Question 6 0 / 1 point
According to the 2001 Census, 55% of the Canadian population can be described as visible minorities.
Incorrect Response True
Correct Answer False
Question 7 0 / 1 point
Select the description which best explains what is meant by the term "the Canadian mosaic."

"The Canadian mosaic"

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