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To understand Rapid Application Development
(RAD) by outlining
A brief history of development approaches leading to it  Rationale
 Advantages/Disadvantages
 GUI Builders/Designers
 Event Driven Programming

Application Programming II
Rapid Application Development and

Rapid Application Development and Prototyping

What is RAD?

RAD Approaches

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a development lifecycle designed to give much faster development and higher-quality results than those achieved with the traditional lifecycle. It is designed to take the maximum advantage of powerful development software that has evolved recently
(Martin, 1991).
By using a series of proven application development techniques, within a well-defined methodology, organisations can quickly and cheaply develop systems without compromising on quality .
Rapid Application Development and Prototyping

Barry Boem’s spiral model
 James Martin's RAD methodology
 Agile methods

Rapid Application Development and Prototyping



What is RAD?

What is RAD?

Dr. James Martin came up with the RAD software development methodology/approach in the late 1980’s.
 This was in response to the non-agile Stagewise or Waterfall Models methodologies of the

Unlike the traditional conventional approaches,
RAD emphasises development rather than specification and planning.
 It is thus a flexible and rapid development process where requirements are modified as the project progresses and more knowledge is gained.  For instance, rather than concentrate on design specifications, RAD uses prototypes.

 With

the previous methodologies, large applications took so long to build that requirements would change before the system was complete,

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