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A good way to address a question like this one is to critically read the scenario, jotting this down and commenting throughout. Let’s do that now (comments are bracketed and highlighted in red):
The employer owned and managed an apartment building and townhouse complex, where it employed a number of janitorial workers (“at-will” workers). On December 5, 1975, the union held an organizing meeting with these workers and obtained signed authorization cards from 6 of the employees in a proposed unit of 11 employees. One other employee in the unit was already a member of the union (7 out of 11 workers part of the union). On December 8, 1975, Orval Schimmel (union organizer brought in by employees), * a union organizer, advised Thomas Hall, the employer's property manager, that the union represented recognition and bargaining rights (Schimmel stated that union requested recognition on Dec 8, 1975). Hall responded that he had nothing to do with union matters and that the appropriate person with whom to speak was the vice president, Carl Alton. (Carl Anton to handle Union business).

On December 8, 1975, after the union had first requested recognition, a maintenance supervisor, Larry Melton, telephoned an employee, George Thompson, at his home and asked if any union people had contacted him. Thompson replied that none had. The next morning Melton entered the maintenance office, where the janitorial employees reported for work, and asked another employee, Alice Coleman, "What has the union done to you?" Coleman did not reply. Melton then entered his own office and called in a third employee, Theo Ewing. Melto told Ewing that he knew that the employees had brought in an organizer and wanted to organize a meeting and whether he knew who sent for the organizer. When Ewing denied attending the meeting and any

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