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Mgt;Financial Rewards- the most fundamental applied performance practice in organizational settings.
Mgt;Pay has multiple meanings * Symbol of success * Reinforcer and motivator * Reflection of performance * Can reduce anxiety >Meaning of money varies * Higher value to men than women * Cultural values influence the meaning and value of money

TYPES OF REWARDS IN THE WORKPLACE * Membership and Seniority * Job Status * Competencies * Performance

1.) Membership- and Seniority- Based Rewards * Fixed wages, seniority increases. * (Sometimes called “pay for pulse”) represent the largest part of most paychecks.
Sample Rewards: * Fixed pay * Most employee benefits * Paid time off
* May attract applicants * Minimizes stress of insecurity * Reduces turnover

Disadvantages: * Doesn’t directly motivate performance * May discourages poor performers from leaving * Golden handcuffs may undermine performance

2.) Job Status-Based Rewards * Includes job evaluation and status perks. * Job evaluation –systematically evaluating the worth of jobs within an organization by measuring their required skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions. * Maintain feelings of equity (people in higher-valued jobs should get higher pay) and motivate employees to compete for promotion.
Sample rewards: * Promotion-based pay increase * Status-based benefits
* Tries to maintain pay equity * Minimizes pay discrimination * Motivates employees to compete for promotion
* Encourages hierarchy which may increase costs and reduce responsiveness * Reinforces status differences * Motivates job competition and exaggerated job worth. 3.)

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