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Are Parents Due to Take a More Active Role in Children's Role


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Are Parents due to take a more active role in children’s education?

Yes parents should take an active role in their child’s education, because if the child knows that the parent is really interested in them and wants to know what’s going on the child will strive to do better and make better grades. Also the parents need to be aware of what the curriculum is and what the school systems are teaching our children. If as parent’s we are not informed and educated how can; we help our children. As parents we need to stand with the schools if they are teaching the correct things to our children but if not we need to say something. If we are not active in our child’s education we can’t speak up. Children need to know that we as parents care and love them. Decisions we make influence our children and if we are making positive ones by being involved in their education then we make a difference. Keeping a child in school is another way for our youth to lead our Nation. After all the children are our futures.

How many chances should a student have to make a positive change in their own education without taking away from other students?

I believe students should take responsibility for their own actions in their own education as well. Students know right from wrong. Only two chances should a student be allowed to mess up in their education. At this point on the third time the student is well on their way to a road of destruction. In life we all make decisions and those decisions have consequences but if you repeatedly keep the same thing up then you need to examine the behavior as well as the student. Upon the first sign of trouble the parents and teachers and the principle need to become involved with the student, to see if they can help resolve the issue. Children want guidance and love. They don’t need their parents and authority figures to be friends they need them

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