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Case 3 – Artemis Images 1. Chris started her business because she realized a simple business model that would lead to revenue and success with the proper launch. She realized “digitizing documents using the latest technology, tagging them with easy-to-read labels, and linking them to search engines for easy retrieval and widespread use” will meet customers’ wants/needs while also preserving images and data and earning revenue. The strategy of the model it to provide digitizing services to companies in exchange for rights to market the content on the internet, receive merchandising rights, and also promotion of Artemis Images ULR with each partner. While Artemis Images provides a meaningful service of preserving the company’s valuable media and data, the get to sell the images to customers, and link the images to key words in search engines. The opportunity for Chris to start her own company was because she discovered that the photo archives were obtaining a ton of requests from fans and customers but they were unable to fill those requests to the full potential. Chris knew how to reach the potential. Chris also held the opportunity because she understood the value for an organization to have its inventory, pictures, and information digitalized and saved forever and she understood the cost of scanning and digitalizing this media. Artemis Images will be able to make profit off of the unrealized value of the images that is kept hidden by companies and consumers. Chris was able to put all these little knowledgeable aspects together in order to form a business. 2. Christine Nazarenus was a VP in accounts for a top content management system provider. This means Chris has a lot of experience in the financial aspects of building this company. She knows how to properly provide content in order to make money. She understands the strategies to use to provide content

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