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Solutions: Child Abuse

When people decide to have children, the general idea is to love and cherish them. But unfortunately this isn't always the situation. There are parents in this world who abuse children whether they are babies or teenagers. People like this are not fit to have children.

Whether it is physical or mental, abuse is wrong. Parents who abuse children should stop and take the time to get help, because the child will suffer in the end. Many children in this world die or become emotionally unstable because of abuse in the home.

Peers, educators, legislators and others should take the time to help not only the child who is suffering but also the parent. There should be counsellors in the schools who specialize in these situations and other organizations to help the parents.

We as students can take the time and write letters and articles to newspapers and legislators to help our friend, relative or just another human being who is suffering, rather than just to talk about the issues. Innocent children should not be victims of child abuse. ?

Express Your Individuality

We are all so different and unique it is a miracle we all get along as we do. May not be the best at times but hey, we are human right. Our individuality is what makes us so diverse.
I give props to the people who step outside of that “norm” of following what others want you to do.
So you wear clothes you shouldn’t or dress how others view as inappropriate, and the point is? The fact of the matter is it is your body; you are the ones wearing the clothes, so what if people don’t accept that, it is not the end of the world. Those who have a problem with how you look or dress probably do or did the same thing at a time in their life.
We spend too much time looking at others when we should really be

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