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Aruba Government Power

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Aruba Governmental Powerment Analysis

Aruba is an small Dutch Caribbean island. Which is off the coast of Venezuela and the Southern Caribbean Sea. Aruba was discovered in 1499 by explorer Alonso De Ojeda. It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This country is considered to be a Parliamentary Representative Democratic country or, is sometimes called a Multi-party System. Arubas government is considered to be a Constitutional Monarchy. This is a type of government in which a Monarch is guided by a Constitution. In this government there is a Constitution set in place that states the laws that all citizens must obey. The head of state is the King of Netherlands (king willem) is represented in aruba by its Governor. The Governor or Prime Minister have executive power. The way this government is set up is where there is a Governor (Alfonso Boekhoudt) who is the head of government and it is a six year term appointed by the Monarch. Then directly under him is the Prime Minister (Mike Eman) which is a four year term appointed by the Legislature. The Legislature consists of twenty one Members of Parliament elected yearly by popular vote and eight members of cabinet. Aruba has power …show more content…
Which is a sovereign state or a Monarchy within Western Europe Territory in the Caribbean. Within Aruba's government there are three main parts. The executive power pertains or represents the government mainly lead by the Governor or Prime Minister. Legislative power is covered by the Governor but mainly parliament. Judiciary is represented by the independence of Executive and Legislature. Also the judicial system consists of Common Court of Justice of Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, and the Supreme Court of Justice in the Netherlands. There are certain limits on the government set in place like the Constitution, Separation of Power, and Rule of Law these are just a

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