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Questions: 1. What are the characteristics of research? 2. What are the values of research to mankind? 3. What are the types of research? 4. What are the basic principles of technical writing?
1) * Empirical. Research is based on direct experience or observation by the researcher. * Logical. Research is based on valid procedures and principles. * Cyclical. Research is a cyclical process because it starts with a problem and ends with a problem. * Analytical. Research utilizes proven analytical procedures in gathering the data, whether historical, descriptive, experimental and case study. * Critical. Research exhibits careful and precise judgment. * Methodical. Research is conducted in a methodical manner without bias using systematic method and procedures. * Replicability. The research design and procedures are replicated or repeated to enable the researcher to arrive at valid and conclusive results.

2) * Research improves the quality of life. * Research improves instruction. * Research improves students’ achievement. * Research improves teacher’s competence. * Research satisfies man’s needs. * Research reduces the burden of work. * Research has deep-seated psychological aspects. * Research improves the exportation of food products. * Research responds to the economic recovery and austerity measure of the country. * Research trains graduates to become responsive to the economic development of the country and to compete globally.

3) * Basic Research. This is also called as “fundamental research” or “pure research”. It seeks to discover basic truths or principles. Examples: * Boyle’s Law * Charles’ Law * Archimedes’ Principle * Hooke’s Law * Newton’s Law

* Applied Research. This type of research involves seeking new applications of scientific knowledge...

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