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1. Since ASL is a spatial language, when you tell where you live, you point in the direction where your home is located before giving the name of the city. 2. To use “real world orientation” you need to: 1 learning where different cities and areas of cities are located from where you are at the time 2. Point in the direction of what is is you're discussing 3. look in the direction you are pointing

3. When giving commands involving a location, follow the sequence below: 1. name the location (raise brows) 2. name the object (raise brows) 3. indicate who (point to the person) 4. give the command (to put the object in a specific place) 4. Douglas Tilden is called the Michelangelo of the American West. 5. True or False (circle one). Douglas Tilden was voted Vice President of the International Congress of the Deaf at its first convention in Paris.

6. True or False (circle one). To ask a “which” question, use contrastive structure.

7. Diana the popular royal Princess of Wales, acquired fluency in British Sign Language and raised awareness of BSL and Deaf People.

8. True or False (circle one). Ordinal numbers begin with the palm facing up followed by a twist.

9. To indicate that a location is far away, do the following: 1. tilt your head 2. squint your eyes 3. open your mouth slightly 4. tell where: point with your arm fully extended

10. To indicate moderate distance, do the following: 1. tilt your head 2. purse your lips slightly 3. tell where: point with your arm moderately extended

11. To indicate that a location is very near, do the following: 1. told your head 2. clench teeth, turn head to dominant side, with cheek almost touching shoulder 3. tell where: point with your hand close to your body

12. Why is it important to elaborate a response to Yes/No questions and not simply respond with a Yes or No? It is important to give additional information otherwise you will seem like you don't want to be bothered and the other person will feel like they're prying. 13. True or False (circle one). Dogs and Cats with white fur and blues eyes are often Deaf.TRUE
14. True or False (circle one). Deaf people are visual beings and their vision is generally more acute.

15. List 4 ways in which Deaf people have a visual way of living (ideal environment).

1. visually open floor plan 2. lighting is bright but not glaring 3. seating is arranged so everyone can easily see each other & the door 4. mirrors are placed strategically 16. What two technical items are integrated into areas of everyday life (kitchen or living room). 1. video phones 2. computers with webcams

17. True or False (circle one). Always sign in your ASL classroom, even before class or during breaks. TRUE
18. True or False (circle one). Speaking in the presence of a Deaf person is considered impolite. TRUE

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