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I have attained two undergraduate degrees in European studies and law and a Masters degree in trade, corporate governance and European law; in highly recognisable UK universities. Currently I am undertaking a full time Masters degree in Business law in one of the best UK and world universities. I am an experienced researcher and I have worked on different research projects demanding law elements from UK and other jurisdictions. In addition I have more than a year's legal work experience providing the law firm's clients with high quality legal research documents. I have an eye for perfection. It will be a pleasure to work for you.
Do the UK Combined Code on Corporate Governance and the legislative framework regulating Listed PLC's in the UK effectively address the problems revealed by the corporate scandals of recent times?
In UK there are the sole trader, the partnerships, the companies and the joint venture, structure businesses. For the sole trader and the partnerships because the businesses are controlled by the owners and they work for the benefit of the owners, it has not been necessary to have increased measures for the protection of the owners benefit. In the companies though that it is a different legal entity, not related to the persons that initially established it, there is a need for human representatives that would manage the company in benefit for the shareholders and stakeholders. The management of the company is on the hands of the board of directors and the general meeting. The problem is thought that the directors have extensive powers and they might use them in their benefit. Therefore rules are constructed by the companies themselves to control a...

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