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What is a Reservations Sales Agent?
A Reservations Sales Agent processes customer enquiries and bookings for travel arrangements including airline tickets, coach bookings, accommodation, day tours, car-hire, transfers and travel insurance. They usually work over the telephone or on-line and occasionally face to face depending on the company.
What does a Reservations Sales Agent do?
The agent processes customer bookings and answers customer enquiries over the phone and on-line. All bookings (or reservations) then go into a computer reservations system. A Reservations Sales Agent needs to ask and answer questions to ensure their customers get what they are looking for. It is important that a Reservations Sales Agent has comprehensive product information about what they are selling in order to answer customer enquiries accurately.
What does it take to be successful?
A love of dealing with people, good listening skills, attention to detail and accuracy. The Reservations Sales Agent needs to be able to work at a fast pace as they will often find reservations roles are located in call centres with large numbers of phone calls on hold with clients awaiting your help.

What is the Travel Agencies Industry?
This industry includes businesses that sell, book and arrange travel, tour and accommodation services for the general public and commercial clients. The industry also encompasses companies primarily engaged in providing travel arrangement and reservation services, including online-only booking systems.
Industry Products
International and domestic airline bookingsTour and packaged travel bookingsAccommodation bookingsCruise bookingsCar rentalOther services Industry Activities
Retailing and reserving travel ticketsRetailing and reserving toursRetailing and reserving travel accommodations

A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides...

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