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PART- A 1. Ans :- (a) unary and ternary operator
Unary operator:-
It pecedes an operand . The operand (the value on which the operator operates ) of the unary operator must have arithmetic or pointer type and the result is the value of the argument.
If a=5 then +a means 5
If a=0 then +a means 0.
If a=-4 then +a means -4.
Ternary operator:-
It precedes an operand. The operand of the unary operator must have arithmetic type and the result is the negation of the operand’s value.
If a=5 then –a means -5
If a=0 then –a means 0
If a=-4 then –a means 4.

(b) Assignment and equalto operator
Assignment operator:- Equal to operator:
An assignment operator assigns value In this we put the
To a variable. value as it is.
Example – Example- a*=5 means a=5*5. Int a; a=5 means a is initialized with 5 if(a==5) { return true; } return false;

(c) Expression and statement
An expression is any valid combination of operators , constants , and variables.
for(i=0;i=10&&qual==1) sal=15000; else if((g==’m’&&yos>=10&&qual==0)||(g==’m’&&yos=10&&qual=0) sal=9000; else if(g==’f’&&yos25) printf(“driver is insured”); else printf(“driver is not insured”);

4. Ans:-

5. Ans:- #include #include void main() { int m1,m2,m3,m4,m5,per; printf(“enter marks in five subjects”); scanf(“%d%d%d%d%d”,&m1,&m2,&m3,&m4,&m5); per= (m1+m2+m3+m4+m5) / 500*100; if(per>=60) printf(“first division”); else { If(per>=50) Printf(“second division”); else { If(per>=40) Printf(“third division”); else printf(“fail”); }}}


| |R1 |R2 |R3 |R4 |
|A1: FIRST DIVISION |X |- |- |- |
|A2: SECOND DIVISION |- |X |- |- |
|A3: THIRD DIVISION |- |- |X |- |
|A4: FAIL |- |- |- |X |

6. Ans:-
void main() { int remainder, sum = 0, i = 0, noDigits = 0, isArm = 0; char ch[60] = {0};

printf("Find the Arm Strong Numbers between 1 to 500"); for(i = 1; i

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