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Teamwork and Motivation


James B. Danquah

BUS 520: Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Dr. Damita Goods

Strayer University

May 24, 2013

Hyper competition among businesses continues to increase the importance and relevance of employee motivation. This is essentially because employee motivation grants tangible benefits to the employee as an individual and consequently to organizational growth. One of the challenges facing management in the face of global competition is the designing of appropriate motivation plan that can ensure employee satisfaction and growth of the business.
This paper therefore attempts to design an appropriate motivation plan for Danquah and Sons, a small manufacturing company based in Baltimore, Maryland that produces WooWoo, a widget. The motivation plan will encourage high employee job satisfaction, reduce turnover rate, increase productivity and improve quality of work. The paper proposes two methods for all employees at Danquah & Sons and looks at ways to motivate the ordinary factory low rate worker, his relevance and the need for teamwork.

Theories of Motivation and Motivation Plans
(Schermerhorn et. al 2012) defines motivation as “forces within an individual that accounts for the direction, level, and persistence of a person’s efforts expended at work” (p. 102). Social Scientists have developed many motivation theories, notable among which are Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory that views human needs as activated in five-step hierarchy ranging from physiological(lowest) to safety, to social, to esteem, to self-actualization (highest). Aldelfer reduces Maslow’s five needs theory into three which he termed Existence, Relatedness, and Growth hence ERG theory and maintains that more than one of existence, relatedness, and growth need to be activated at a time for motivation to take place.…...

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