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Aubrey Drake Graham

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18 February 2014

-I Just Wanna Be Successful~Rise of Drake-

Born on 1986, Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Toronto, Ontario. Aubrey began attending Forest Hill Collegiate Institute where he began his acting career. He attended two institutes before dropping out of high school although years later he graduated. At the age of fifteen, Aubrey's agent found him an acting job on the new hit series Degrassi: The Next Generation, as a character named Jimmy Brooks. By this point many might recognize Aubrey Drake Graham as the famous and talented rapper/ actor who goes by the name Drake. Over the years Drake has portrayed hard work, dedication, and pure talent throughout his early childhood, his acting career and most of all his musical career. As a child, Drake was a skilled drummer who worked alongside Jerry Lee Lewis. At the age of five, his parents divorced and he lived with his mom, in a wealthy town in Toronto. He went to Forest Hill Public School system, but did not graduate the high school; Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where he tried pursuing his acting career. Born as an African, Canadian Jew Drake had a Bar Mitzvah and faced much racial discrimination. Persevering through all of the hardships in his life, Drake also was able to play in a minor hockey league with the Weston Red Wings. After dropping out of the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, he was shortly after accepted in Vaughn Road Academy, which was an even harder struggle for him then the previous school. Simone, Two
After dropping out of both schools, he moved on with his life but lated graduated high school in October, 2012. Although Drake hit many bumps in the road, he shows his strength and ability to preserver by never giving up and always pushing himself to make it over the bump. At the age of fifteen,...

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