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Question 1: What is the ‘problem’ represented to be in your case study?
An initial analysis of alcohol and drug-related violence inquiry in Sydney (CBD) makes it clear that the ‘problem’ has been represented to be alcohol consumption and substance abuse, causing violence and anti-social behaviour in King Cross and around the CBD areas, which, in turn, has triggered public safety. Clearly, the ‘problem’ has been directed to individuals, licensed premises and trading hours. Bacchi (2009) argues that, rather fixing and addressing policy problems, how policy makers construct or represent ‘problems’ in a particular way, will give shape the problem, which in turn, will be the representation of the policy problem. Bacchi (2009) suggests that the representation of the problem will determine the policy response of a particular issue or problem.
Following the death Daniel Christie as a result of being assaulted in King Cross, on the 21th January 2014, the New South Wales (NSW) State Government introduced new restrictions on licensed premises to reduce alcohol-related violence (Roth, 2014). Therefore, the new regulations (the January 2014 reforms) specifically focusses on licensed premises through restrictions( contained in the Liquor Amendment Act, 2014) on the trading hours such as, 1:30 am lockouts, 3a.m last alcohol, a freeze on new liquor licences, no alcohol takeaway after 10 pm, banning of people up to 48 hours, extension of temporary and long-term banning orders issued to “trouble-makers”, suspension of online responsible service of alcohol training and introduction of a new risk based licensed fee for licensed premises (Menéndez, Weatherburn, Kypri, & Fitzgerald, 2015).
The reference to ‘trading hours of alcohol’, ‘violence’ and ‘behaviour change’ clearly locates the ‘problem’ within the individuals and poor conducts from licensed premises, implying that the cause...

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