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Barbara Trainin Blank Argument Essay

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Mindless war, acts of violence, unnecessary death. Does this really provide an effective solution or does it merely make the defender equally as guilty as the accused? Does the flourish of a pen and the artwork of penmanship impact greater numbers, reach more ears, touch more hearts and leave a legacy of historical record that lasts for generations? The pen, without doubt is far mightier than the sword. History has proven this to be so. Racism. An issue that is propagated by bullies or the insecure. A stereotyping and generalisation that can lead to hateful injustices against targeted group or minority. Would such immoral acts really be prevented by violent exchanges or would it intensify already unstable thinking.

The media utilises persuasive techniques to gain authority over the readers opinions. The use of expert opinion within a piece persuades the reader to concur with the author's argument, as they gain confidence that the expert has had …show more content…
A question with no expected answer makes the reader dig deeper and think about the message associated with it. This technique encourages the reader to consider the issue and agree with the author’s opinion. Barbara Trainin Blank says in her piece, Racism: The Challenge for Social Workers, that “We still see organized hate groups, news stories of racial slurs and attacks, and examples that we observe in our everyday lives. So, what should social workers and the profession as a whole do about it?” And Kathiann Kowalski in her article states that “One common stereotype holds, that black women are naturally strong. It says they will handle problems well. But do they really?” Rhetorical questions are used within racism pieces to engage the reader and to position the reader to accept the author's opinion on the topic. Rhetorical questions are not used to receive an answer, purely to reinforce a

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