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Barbeque: History And Culture

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Barbeque- A seemingly American tradition, steeped in old family values, history and culture. What happened in its origin to make barbeque as enthralling and obsession worthy as it is today? With the majority of our country as enthused as it is with BBQ, it’s a wonder how such “simple” food took such a grand holding on such a complicated group of people. Although barbeque may seem quite simple, the culture and even the food itself are so deep and rich with flavor and distinction, it has created its own denomination- a BBQ religion if you will. The religion of barbeque has a few simple following rules: great sauce, great sides, great cuts, right. Now, that last one is a complete and utter lie. The whole reason barbeque developed in America …show more content…
The four main styles are named after their place of origin: Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City and Texas. Memphis is renowned for pulled pork, doused in a tomato-based sauce. North Carolina smokes the whole hog in a vinegar-based sauce. Kansas City natives prefers ribs cooked in a dry rub, and Texans worship beef- you’re likely to find mesquite-grilled “cowboy-style” brisket somewhere that looks like a gas station (secretly the best BBQ you’ll ever have). But why, even if BBQ transcended its way across America’s hearts, did the sauces drastically change? The answer is simpler than you might think- just like how originally pork was the only way for a southerner to appreciate meat because that’s what was around, same with sauces- use what’s around! A Memphis barbeque sauce is tomato-y and sweet because of their port on the Mississippi river, since a variety of goods like tomatoes and molasses were easily obtained, making way for a sweeter sauce. In the Carolinas, the Brits were still semi-colonized and while they took up residence, they messed with flavors, and man, do those Brits love their sauces tangy! Vinegar basting was quite popular to retain flavor and moisture while roasting the whole hog, and it carried over to the sauce. Along with tangy came the intense love of mustard from the French- and now we have the Carolina Vinegar/Mustard sauce to relish in. Texas, with their …show more content…
Henry Perry, Arthur Bryant and Dave Anderson are some of the most renowned names in BBQ cuisine history- Perry is semi-credited to have invented Kansas style Barbeque all together, and Anderson created “Famous Dave’s” wholly based on his love for BBQ. Along with the southern love and comfort associated with these people, their cuisine and their culture, comes their music. You can’t have good barbeque without good music! Southern music, country, soul, jazz, blues, all stems into traditional BBQ somehow, if not just for the ability to eat all day and listen to great tunes with your family and

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