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Barton, P. L. (2010). Understanding the U.S. health services system (4th ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press.

* Course Text: Understanding the U.S. Health Services System * * Chapter 8, "The Health Services Workforce" * Chapter 9, "Hospitals" (Note: This chapter was assigned in a previous week; review it as needed with this week's focus in mind.) * Chapter 10, "Biomedical Research, Health Services Technology, and Technology Assessment" * Chapters 11, "Overview of the U.S. Health Services Delivery System" * Chapter 13, "Primary Care" * Chapter 14, "Secondary Care" * Chapter 15, "Long-Term Care" (pp. 349–369 only) * Chapter 16, "Tertiary Care" * Chapter 17, "Palliative Care" * Chapter 18, "The Care of Special Populations and Special Disorders" (pp. 399–406 only) * Chapter 19, "The Health Services Delivery System: How Managed Care Has Influenced Delivery" (Note: This chapter was assigned in a previous week; review it as needed with this week's focus in mind.) * Article: The Scan Foundation (2011). Improving the continuum of care: Progress on selected provisions of the affordable care act one year post-passage. As you have learned, health care services are provided through a range of organizations. For this Discussion, you will consider how direct- and indirect-care organizations integrate by examining your own experiences as a health care consumer.

Begin by brainstorming all the health care organizations that have helped to meet your health care needs within the last few months to one year. Consider the settings and providers you have visited, as well as how and when you have decided to utilize their services. Think about referrals and…...

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