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Geographical Location
The City of Batangas is a coastal city lying in a covelike shape at the southeastern portion of Batangas Province and geographically situated at coordinates 13 degrees, 45 minutes and 25.96 seconds north latitude and 121 degrees, 3 minutes and 29.2 seconds east longitude. It is bounded on the northwest by the municipality of San Pascual; on the north by the municipality of San Jose; on the east by the municipalities of Ibaan, Taysan and Lobo; and on the south by the Batangas Bay.
Batangas City, the capital of Batangas Province has a total land area of approximately 27,633.26 hectares. It is approximately 112.00 kilometers away from Manila and can be traveled by land for 2½ hours and by water for eight (8) hours. The city is almost equidistant from Batanes in the north and Jolo in the south.
The first recorded name of the Province was Kumintang, after the Datu who inherited the dominion from Datu Balensusa. Its centre, the present day Balayan, was the most progressive town of the Province and the traditional centre of governance. Later, as the eruption of the Taal Volcano destroyed a significant portion of the town, the provincial centre was transferred to Taal, which was then called Bonbon and the name of the province was changed after that of the town.
The term batangan means a raft, the people used so that they could fish in the nearby Taal Lake. It also meant the numerous logs found in the Calumpang River, the body of water that runs through the northeastern portion of the town and assumes the shape of a tuning fork
Although much can be said about the way a Batangueño speaks his or her Tagalog, the high literacy of the locals means English is also widely spoken in the province. Spanish is also understood up to some extent. In fact, some towns like Nasugbu, Taal and Lemery still have a significant minority of Spanish speakers. Visayan is also spoken by a significant minority due to the influx of migration from the Southern Philippines

Early Beginnings
Long before the Spaniards came, large centers of population already thrived in Batangas. Native settlements lined the Pansipit River, a major waterway. Mr. Robert C. Fox, an American archaeologist, revealed that based on archaeological findings particularly in Calatagan peninsula, the province has been trading with the Chinese since Yuan Dynasty until first phase of Ming Dynasty in the 13th and 15th century. Inhabitants of the province were also trading with Japan and India. Historians believed that the present Batangueños were descendants of the Bornean datus, Datu Dumangsil and Datu Balensusa who sailed from Borneo to Panay Island as far as Taal Lake. They organized the first Malay settlement at the mouth of Taal River. They eventually set up their own settlement in the place and founded the town of Taal in 1572. The towns of Balayan, Lipa, and Batangas were founded later.

In 1570, Martin de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo , two Spanish generals explored the coast of Batangas on their way to Manila and came upon a Malay sttlement at the mouth of Taal River. In 1572, the town of Taal was founded and its convent and stone church were constructed later.

Batangas was founded in 1581. Originally, it was composed of the present provinces of Batangas, Mindoro, Marinduque, Southeast of Laguna and even far Camarines. After several devastating eruptions of Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world, the old Taal town site was buried. The capital was eventually transferred to Batangas (now a city) in 1754 where it has remained to date.

The name "Batangas" was derived from the word "batang," which is a term of the natives for the numerous logs found in the Calumpang River, the body of water that runs through the northeastern portion of the town and assumes the shape of a tuning fork.

Batangas was also among the first of the eight Philippine provinces to revolt against Spain and also one of the provinces placed under Martial Law by Spanish Governor General Ramon Blanco on August 30, 1896.

During the Spanish-American War, many outstanding Batangueños made names in our history. Most notable of them are Apolinario Mabini, also known as the sublime paralytic and "Brains of the Revolution"; Marcela Agoncillo who made the present Philippine flag, and General Miguel Malvar who was recognized as the last Filipino general to surrender to the Americans. For this, Batangas also came to be known as the "cradle of heroes and nationalists."

Batangas is the home of sages and the birthplace of the country´s notable nationalists. Historical places have been the legacy of the old eras. Natural resources and picturesque views abound in the area. Numerous fine beaches have been the sought-after -sites. And a few kilometers away from the shore will bring the more adventurous ones to diverse dive sites, from the ones fit for a novice (relatively shallow, constant water current), up to the ones for those who may call themselves experts.

The proximity of Batangas to Manila and the good quality of most of the main provincial roads are advantageous for the existing attractions and facilities of the province. The tourism industry has been regarded as a contributor to the economy of the province.

Batangas first came to be known as Bonbon. It was named after the mystical and fascinating Taal Lake, which was also originally called Bonbon. Some of the earliest settlements in Batangas were established at the vicinity of Taal Lake.

In 1534, Batangas became the first practically organized province in Luzon. Balayan was the capital of the province for 135 years from 1597-1732. In 1732, it was moved to Taal, then the flourishing and most progressive town in the province.

Batangas was also one of the few provinces in the country which can boast of having a distinctive culture of its own. The song and dance repertoire called "kumintang" is of Batangas origin. Because of this, it came to be known as "La Provincia del Cumintang".
Batangas Festivals, Feast & Traditions

The Philippines is generally a festive nation, and Batangas festival is one good example. Maybe because of the Spanish influence during the 16th – 18th century the Philippines was colonize by the Spaniards. According to the old Filipinos, the Spanish in the early days where the one’s who initiated the festive mood in the Philippines.
These festive celebrations do exist in the province of Batangas. In the month of May, most of the barrios do celebrate the barrio fiestas. I still remember when an employee of mine takes a vacation leave, because it was their barrio fiesta. This is a celebration that the batangueños can’t miss.
The fiesta should be celebrated rain or shine. And most of the people will make their own way to celebrate the event. If they don’t have the money, they are willing to take a loan, or sell their farm animals just to celebrate the one’s a year fiesta.
Most of the people, specially the old one’s believe that celebrating their patrons saint day, will give them luck. This is why they are willing to stake their last earned money for a one-day celebration.
If you have a chance to experience this fiesta, you will notice that everybody is invited. You don’t need to know your host to enter one’s house. They will accommodate you even this is the first time you have met. And treat you as a long time friend.
One Batangas festival I recommend you must experience is the Parada ng Lechon (roasted pig parade) in Balayan Batangas. This event is celebrated every June 24. This event coincides with the feast day of San Juan.

Balayan, Batangas, Parada ng Lechon

Another religious festival batangueños are known for is the Tapusan Festival in Alitagtag. The Tapusan honors the holy cross, and is celebrated May 31 every year. The parade is one of a kind. Floats garlanded with flowers including the image of the Virgin Mary, parade the streets of the town. Flores de Mayo and Tapusan Festival
The Tinapay Festival (Bread Festival) in Cuenca, considered the bakers of Batangas province. It is held annually from February 7 to 13. The patron saint of Cuenca, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is being honored for abundant living and thanksgiving.
Additional Batangas Festival
Salubong Festival – April 16 in the towns of Alitagtag and Bauan.
Anihan Festival – September 24 to 29, in Lobo.
Coffee Festival – December 11 to 16, in Lipa City
Kinulob Festival - April 21 to 25, in Mabini
Paskuhan Sa Maraykit - December 2, in San Juan
Tinapahan Festival - April 29 to May 1, at Lemery
Foundation Day of Batangas Province
A program and the selection of “Mutya ng Batangas City” are the main activities during the celebration.

History and Culture Consciousness Week
A celebration depicting the history and culture of the Batangueños, it includes a photo exhibit, on-the-spot painting competition, and “Paligsahan sa Kasaysayan.”

It is a typical practice of courting a woman in the rural area. The man relays his message to his beloved through songs.

Stations of the Cross / Penetensiyahan
It provides a glimpse of the 14 stations at the foot of the mountain at Poblacion Rosario, Batangas. Christian devotees hold pilgrimages to this place during the Lenten Season.

National Arts Month
It is an annual activity aimed at showcasing the talents of Batangueños in singing, dancing, painting, and photography.

Birth Anniversary of Late President Jose P. Laurel
It is a yearly celebration commemorating the birth of the late President Jose P. Laurel.

Carera de Paso
It is held during Lent, on Holy Wednesday, in the poblacion at Calaca, Batangas. It is different from the province’s other racing competitions because only local horses from the different barangays of Calaca may join the competition.

Pabasa ng Pasyon
It is a traditional celebration of reading the “pasyon” that depicts the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Salubong / Holy Cross Festival
It is a festive celebration involving the meeting of the Holy Cross of Bauan and the Holy Cross of Alitagtag at Binukalan Shrine come 8:00 A.M. The celebration is highlighted by a program and the singing of praises to the Holy Cross, accompanied by street dancing. Finally, come 2:00 P.M., the Holy Cross of Bauan is brought back to the Parish Church of Bauan, where the jubilation culminates.

Tapusan Festival (May; Alitatag, Batangas).
It is an impressive festival during which the Holy Cross is honored on the last of May. Flowers are offered during the afternoon ceremonies, before an old cross in the town church. The observance peaks on the 31st of May with a colorful procession, during which the cross is mounted on a gaily decorated float, together with other floats bedecked with flowers carrying other Marian images. All the floats are radiantly lighted and drawn along the principal streets of the town.

Parada ng Lechon (June 24; Balayan town, Batangas).
The celebration coincides with the feast of St. John the Baptist. Lechons, or roast suckling pigs, coming from each barangay of the town are paraded, dressed in accordance with the theme of the fiesta. The parade is capped with a grand viewing of the lechons at the plaza. After the parade, the townspeople and guests partake of the fare as well as engage in water dousing.

Subli-an sa Batangas
(July 23; Batangas City, Batangas). It is held in line with the city’s Foundation Day. The festival, a brainchild of the Batangas City Cultural Affairs Board, aims to revive the centuries-old tradition of dancing the Subli, a dance indigenous to Batangas. The festival has evolved to include street dancing.

Buwan ng Wika
It is a month-long activity to campaign for the use of the Filipino language, as promoted in streamers and during a short program.

Foundation Anniversary of Lobo
Activities include street dancing, float parade and contest, the selection of Mutya ng Lobo, and cultural shows.

Birth Anniversary of Gen. Miguel Malvar
It is a commemorative event to honor the birth anniversary of the last general to surrender to the Americans.

Anihan Festival
The festival showcases the various products of the different barangays in the town of Lobo. The barangay representatives go street dancing, dressed in beautiful costumes made out of the products harvested. A search for the best costume is mounted, with fabulous prizes at stake for the winner.

Paskuhan sa Maraykit
The traditional yuletide celebration at Maraykit, San Juan, Batangas, includes the “juego de anillo,” lantern making competition, and search for the best decorated house.

Fluvial Procession at Pansipit River (December 8-9).
The Taaleños begin the celebration of their two-day town fiesta by converging at the bank of Pansipit River, where several bancas are anchored. The image of Our Lady of Caysasay is carried by the devotees in a fluvial procession on the river, through the streets of Taal, and finally, to the Basilica of Taal. On the following day, the images of Our Lady of Caysasay and St. Martin de Porres, the patron of the basilica, join the evening-long procession. During the procession, girls dressed in white stop at street corners and hail the Virgin Mary by reciting “luwa,” or praises, until the procession rends at the basilica, where it is welcomed by spectacular fireworks and different bands.

Coffee Festival
The festival was conceived to showcase the long reign of Lipa as the coffee granary of the Philippines. It includes a trade fair and tiangge, the Karera ng Tiburin, a search for the Barako ng Bayan, and parlor games.

Christmas Celebration The Philippines a country recognized that celebrates the longest Christmasseason. Christmas carols are played as early as September and the bash last up until the Three Kings, which is the first Sunday of January.

Batangas Traditions
Batangas wedding tradition make a beautiful and exciting feast. Batangueños has high regard for the sanctity of marriage making the event a lengthy and grand occasion.
Holy Week is a solemn religious tradition celebrated annually in Batangas and most parts of the Philippines. A nation where majority of its people are Roman Catholics and taken possession by Spain for three centuries.

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...Biography of Apolinario Mabini Apolinario Mabini was undoubtedly the most profound thinker and political philosopher that the Pilipino race ever produced. Some day, when his works are fully published, but not until then, Mabini will come into his own. A great name awaits him, not only in the Philippines, for he is already appreciated there, but in every land where the cause of liberty and human freedom is revered. Mabini was born in Tanawan, province of Batangas, island of Luzon, P.I., of poor Filipino parents, in 1864. He received his education in the "Colegio de San Juan de Letran." Manila, and in the University of Santo Tomas. He supported himself while studying by his own efforts, and made a brilliant record in both institutions. Later he devoted his energies to the establishment of a private school in Manila and to legal work. Mabini came to the front in 1898 during the Pilipino revolution against Spain. In the subsequent revolution against the United States he became known as "the brains of the revolution." He was so considered by the American army officers, who bent every energy to capture him. He was the leading adviser of Aguinaldo, and was the author of the latter's many able decrees and proclamations. Mabini's official position was President of the Council of Secretaries, and he also held the post of Secretary of the Exterior. One of Mabini's greatest works was his draft of a constitution for the Philippine Republic. It was accompanied by what he called "The...

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