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Bear Hunters Research Paper

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Bear Hunters Become the New Back Road Traffic
If you’ve spent any amount of time on the back roads of Northern Lower Michigan this summer, chances are you’ve seen pickup trucks flying by with dog boxes on the back of them. Sometimes the trucks are just sitting idle on the side of a country road; sometimes they’re parked on a remote two-track. You may have seen the drivers and passengers of the trucks hop out with leashes latched around their shoulders, talking into a two-way radio. No, these aren’t mobile dog kennels. They’re not animal control either. They’re bear hunters who are taking their time this summer to train their hounds to run black bear in preparation for the coming kill season. They are the new back road traffic.
It’s important for houndsmen to whip their dogs into shape before the season starts. This is done by putting the dogs on a hot trail during the training season. A day of training generally starts before the sun rises over the forest. Hunters …show more content…
When a black bear feels cornered and has nowhere else to go, it has two options. Option one is to stand and fight. This is an option that bear hunters generally hope the bear doesn’t choose during the training season. Dogs can get hurt or killed in this situation and it’s dangerous for the hunters who are never too far behind. Option two is for the bear to flee up a tree. This is ideal and when it happens, the collars notify the hunters that the chase has ended. The collars have sensors on them that tell the handheld units when the dog’s head is tilted at a certain angle, like it would be if the dog has his front paws on the trunk of a tree as he barks at the bear above. The hounds will bay loudly at the bear until the hunters arrive to the location and call them off. During the training season, this is where the hunt ends. During the kill season, the hunt doesn’t end until the bear comes out of the tree at the hand of a tag-holding

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