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General Writing resources and Requirements

NOTE: Please use this as reference for each writing assignment! Your grade may be adversely affected if you do not follow all of these requirements. Email or call your instructor if you have questions.

The required literary essays for this course demand careful planning, drafting, revising/editing, and correct documentation. The following resources and requirements provide instruction on writing, research, and avoiding plagiarism. Carefully review them before writing your literary essays.
Plagiarism encompasses more than the use of printed sources without giving proper credit. It means handing in writing in the name of one person that another person has composed, revised, edited, or proofread without the instructor's approval. Accordingly, the following guidelines are set down, and you must study and understand them from the outset. The instructor will assume, since this issue is clearly discussed, that you will be responsible for understanding and applying it.
Any fact that is not common knowledge, any idea, phrase, or paraphrase that is taken from a printed source, from a lecture, sermon, or radio broadcast must be documented.
Any work submitted in English 102 will be understood to be the work of the student submitting it and his work alone. Taking credit for someone else's proofreading ability, suggestions, ideas, or words is plagiarism. An exception to this definition is group work assigned and directed by the instructor. Unless the instructor assigns such work, students should do their own writing, revising, and proofreading.
If a student has availed himself of the services of a tutor, officially designated by the university or unofficially, it will be understood that the tutor will confine his services to helping a student develop and express his or her own thoughts, making suggestions…...

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