Beauty vs. Brain

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[Beauty vs Brain!]
* In today's world, the packing is more important that the content. The cover of the book is more important the book itself. The cast of the movie attracts the audiences to theatres than the storyline.

Just like that, when you meet a human being, the very first thing that you notice is the way he looks. It's very natural, nothing wrong about that. More often than not, a person's talent is ignored just because he/she happens to look .. well, plain. Be it in the professional or the personal life, a man / woman needs to have a good personality to climb that ladder of success.

Or not? Why do you need to look beautiful to be successful? Except of course in the glam-world of movies/modelling. It is raw talent and your ability to talk your way through challanging situations that makes you meet success face-to-face!

* Let us know what YOU think about it. Is it about the Brain or the Beauty?!
Beauty is important, but only in fields where it is a modelling , acting and other forms of entertainment..
In all other fields, politics, technology etc ,science ,there are many people who have done so well ,, inspite of the facts that they are not beautiful..
Of course, there are some people who are prejudiced towards beauty , and so those who are beautiful do have an upper hand .
But again, if the person is talented enough, he should be able to make it to the top, irrespective of his looks..
* the brains will be the ones either interviewing the beauties some day or be the boss of the beauties. the brains are more likely to go on to higher education and make more in their lifetimes than the beauties and have more meaningful relationships

* Who makes all the technology for cosmetics and beauty supplies, and what we modern folk think that beauty is? The brains of the bunch.

* Also not even speaking of material beauty, brains…...