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Being Alone In War Or Worlds, By Rod Serling

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Have you ever felt alone,though many other people are around you? Whether it is for a physical, emotional,or social reason most people will be alone sometime in the life, though others by be around.Many people can relate to this feeling of solitude. In the story “war or worlds” by H.G Welles, and in the twilight zone’s “The monsters are do on maple street,” by Rod Serling. Both texts depict people being alone for one reason or another, feeling hopeless as the world around them seems to be falling apart.
This idea of being alone while around others is explored though the majority of both books Showing the struggle of the main characters/narrator.
In the text”war of worlds” a part of london is shocked by a surprise visit from an alien race. …show more content…
As he watches the destruction he grows hopeless. Hes meets many others on his journey, he travels from place to place always leaving his new friends as he must move on to live. In the story he sees dead and living people scattered through the streets, he sees london become a dead city. With the constant threat of aliens, their abrasive nature, and their authoritarian attitude towards the men women and children of london, world domination by the aliens seems imminent. Not to mention the fact that the the main character's wife is presumed dead. Leaving the main character/narrator no home to return to even if he could survive. While in “the monsters are due on maple street”, when a strange spatia rock flies overhead of maple street, and rumors started about an “alien invader” in their neighborhood some strange things start happening. When the power is found gone, and the people of maple street are left to their own devices, chaos and turmoil brakes loses. Everyone becomes a suspect of being an alien causing the power outage, people are outed and accused. Almost everyone has exhibited some strange behavior and is thought to be the alien at one point. People stop thinking for themselves and follow the leaders of these unjust accusations

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