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Huttmann And Pannenberg Analysis

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Jürgen Moltmann and Wolfhart Pannenberg both theologians from different upbringing and different walks of life, both come up with a theology understanding that will help them, and they draw closer to God, and to teach others to do the same thing. God made men in own likeness, but with different understanding of scriptures are to be applied to ones’ walk with God. In this essay, one will be able to grab a hold of both Moltmann’s and Pannenberg’s theology and see which theology will be suitable to their own understanding of theology, by comparing and contrasting the theologies of Moltmann’s and Pannenberg’s
Comparing the Theologies of Moltmann and Pannenberg
Jürgen Moltmann followed the theology of eschatological because of the new teachings …show more content…
The German tradition understandings of eschaton was that the goal of the divine plane or eschaton for all human kind. Moltmann on the other hand, believes that the Jewish tradition of teaching is better. The Jewish beliefs of Eschatological is that it contains cosmic views, the redemption given from the blood shed of Jesus. Moltmann contrasting of theology as to what Pannenberg believes is that this doctrine is connected to the natural theology. Natural theology is the knowledge of God which is based on facts separate from divine revelation which is scriptures from the Holy Bible, which it is based of science and nature, Holder (2007).
Another contrasting of theologies between Pannenberg and Moltmann is that Pannenberg believes eschatology is an exercise in apologetics. In other words, Pannenberg believes that the resurrection of Jesus will not be understood by humans, Leidenhag, (2016). On the other hand, Moltmann believes that God will reveal everything to mankind, when the rapture of Christ has happened. Lastly, the contrasting of the two theologians is that Pannenberg thoughts on eschaton is in a timely order, and time is measured by the hands of God. Whereas, Moltmann believes that time is more precious to both God and man, Yun

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