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Being in the Army

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The first step is to begin a physical training program. Life will be much less painful if you are already in some sort of condition. An exercise program that works the whole body is best, and it is probably best to emphasize endurance over raw strength. The simplest method is to practice push-ups, sit-ups, run for two to five miles and perhaps practice some marches while carrying about a third of your body weight. Care must be taken to practice safety. If possible, consult with a physician or an expert who can help you achieve best results without injuring yourself, and life will be much simpler if you can practice the standards the Army will demand. The more time this has to work before you join, the more effective this will be. Standards vary due to age and sex, but plan on reaching fifty push-ups and sit-ups and a two-mile run in less than fourteen minutes. You’ll do better than that by the time you complete basic.

Another important step is to prepare your affairs. When you join, you will be treated as a recruit and will spend a period of time in basic training. You will not normally have contact with the outside world on a regular basis during this period and ensuring that your bills are handled, your friends and family know you will only be able to reach them when permitted will prevent much heartache. Some will also find it valuable to learn to live without their normal vices. Learning how to live without a music system, computer, telephone, books or whatever else will happen in basic, if not before.

You will be expected to learn a great deal. While some of this will be job specific, and some will be difficult to research if you can’t talk to a veteran, there is much else which you will be expected to know which you can find beforehand, and knowing such information will be of potential value as it will allow you to study on other information when time

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