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For years protein powder has been known as a powerful supplement that can help build strong muscles. It is commonly used by men who are into body building. However nowadays, women are using protein powder to beef up their muscles and to lose weight. In fact, there are many proofs that it is effective to them. Hence, the belief concerning protein powder is only for men are now considered a taboo. It is not true that taking a protein powder will make you gain weight. If you’re someone who wants to grow muscles, lose weight, or simply want to increase the daily protein intake, it is important to know first what kind of protein powder is best for you.
There is a protein powder for everyone especially for women. It is the key in improving health and fitness. However, finding the right one that suits you is not easy since there are many varieties. In fact, women have their own protein powder which is only served normally lower than for men. Apart from this, women especially the body builders should take more folic acid, iron and Vitamin B6. This is because obviously men and women’s body system is still different in several ways and the consumption rates also vary. So the question is what is the best protein powder for women?
The protein powder isolates are considered best for women. It is less in carbohydrates as well as fats and can be easily absorbed compare to protein concentrate. But it should be consumed in moderation since it is known to have a high dose of potassium. Some experts believe that one of the best protein powders for women is the soy protein powder. In fact, it is considered every woman’s best friend. However, the downside of it is it contains sugars and flavorings to purposely kill the beany taste. These additives are not good to our health; therefore it should be taken in moderation.
Soy protein powder is considered an alternative to people who are allergic to milk and any other animal proteins. As a supplement, it can be taken indirectly while in meals it can be taken directly. Soy protein powder can help you achieve big bumps in your legs, arms, shoulders and anywhere else you desire. But how you consume this powder will depend on the kind of results that you expect. Moreover, soy protein powder can reduce the risk of having prostate cancer and cholesterol digestion in the body. Its healing properties are the reasons why many switch from other protein powders to soy protein powder.
Another considered best protein powder for women is whey protein powder. It is rich in amino acids and free from any traces of fats, carbohydrate and flavors. It is good for women since it helps lose excess fat and increase some muscle mass. Unlike soy protein powder, whey protein powder tastes like food this is why most people include it in their meals especially during breakfast or after work outs. Whey is known for its richness in protein and also contains smaller components of albumin, small peptides, lactose and lysozyme which are unique properties and play a vital role in the body functions.
Studies have shown that whey protein helps reduce the risk of getting cancer infections. Also, it improves the functionality of liver, hence recommended for people suffering from hepatitis. Whey protein powder is now synonymous to athletes and bodybuilders because it contains a group of properties which are beneficial to them. And of course, the main goal is to increase the muscle mass in the body.
Another good thing about whey protein powder which will definitely loved by women is the anti-aging ability as well as facilitation of mind activity. It also lessens blood pressure and enhances general performance. Among all the protein supplements, whey has the highest biological value, abundant in amino acids and high branch of chain amino acids.
Whey is also a good immunity booster since it helps increases the production of glutathione and also it is a good body antioxidant. There is no need to argue as to who should take whey protein powder because both men and women can use whey protein powder, but it is more recommended to body builders because of the vigorous activity they do. It may seem impossible but side effects are not yet reported or experienced in taking whey protein powders since it is naturally made.
However, people who have allergies to milk or have lactose intolerance are advised not to take whey protein powder. But those who are free from allergies can consume it daily since it has the same nutrients present in mother’s milk. A daily consume of whey protein powder can lead to great results such as rebuilding muscles and improving the human body’s overall present ability. So whey protein powder can be considered as one of the best protein powder for women not only for men.
There are other protein powders which can be considered the best protein powder for women. Aside from whey and soy protein powder, another good supplement is the rice protein powder which can be consumed by people who have allergenic reactions to dairy based protein powders. This is a supplement considered 100% hypo-allergenic and allowing you to enjoy a protein shake without worries. In fact, it is available in different flavors from all kinds of brands. And among the wide variety of flavors, the organic brown rice powder is considered the most popular.
The truth is, there are so many protein powders for women in the market, but when choosing it is important to take note of your goals and your purpose of using it since each powder were formulated to achieve different things.
If building muscles is what you aim for, whey protein powder is the right one to use for women. In fact, men and women can consume it but whey protein powder is considered better than soy. Go for the Gold Standard 100% whey protein powder which is one of the most used protein powders in the market.
If you are a vegan or a vegetarian protein powder is never wrong to take. Over the years vegans and vegetarians are struggling to get enough protein from what they eat since meat is off their menu. By using a dairy free vegetarian protein source like soy protein powder, rice protein powder, hemp protein powder, pea protein powder or even pumpkin protein powder, guilt is out of the question. These protein powders are safe to use for vegan or vegetarian women. They are considered one of the best protein powder for women who are not into eating meat.
On the other hand, experts advised that women who engage in heavy activities such as weight lifting require more protein than less active women. Eating more protein rich foods or taking protein supplements are definitely a must, hence, adding some protein powder to your diet can be a great idea.
The market has a lot to offer when it comes to protein powders. But since there are hundreds of them, you need to at least browse the web for reviews or consult a specialist to make sure you’ll find the right product that meets your specific needs. There are reputable products you can rely on and protein powders are not harmful products. You just have to be at least choosy to avoid wasting your money and your time taking it and your goal is not achieved.
Some advertisers may give your proofs that their products are effective and so on. But it is still important to consider what your body demands. Go for a product where your body is comfortable and respond. Remember some protein powders may be effective to others but not with you. So here’s a list of all the protein powders so you can have a research about them:
• Soy protein powder
• Whey Protein Powder
• rice protein powder
• hemp protein powder
• pea protein powder
• pumpkin protein powder
This list will give you an idea about the kinds of protein powder we have on the market. Some of them have already established brand names and were consider as the best protein powder for women. But still you have to figure out what’s best for your body.
In order to determine you are getting the best protein powder, you must know your desired daily protein intake, your desired calorie intake, the taste if it suits your taste bud, and of course consider if you have allergies or intolerances.
Anyone can take whey protein powder or soy protein powder. However, it is best that you make some research or evaluation of yourself according to your needs. It is important that you understand first the needs of your body before having a decision on what protein powder you should use. Women especially have sensitive body system so it is best to be wise in choosing the best protein powder for women.

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