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Animal Diversity
Stephen Oppon BIO 108 Animal Diversity I November 6, 2013

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Phylum Porifera

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Page 132 Given that all sponges are filter feeders, why does it follow that all sponges are aquatic? Filter feeding is the filtering of nutrients and plankton suspended in water therefore for sponges to feed effectively they must be aquatic

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Would mobility improve the ability of sponges to capture food? Explain. Motility would improve the ability of the sponge to capture food because as a non motile creature it can not seek out food. Sponges can only capture for that is streaming towards them and this is a very ineffective means of feeding


Animal Diversity

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Phylum Cnidaria

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Animal Diversity

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Phylum Platyhelminthes

Comparison of 3 different species of planarians
Brown Sketch White Black

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S-like pattern Not really sensitive to light S-like pattern Extremely sensitive to light, it tries to stay in the paper shade as much as possible S-like patter They are almost insensitive to light

Movement Sensitivity to light

Page 137 What can you conclude about the sensory capabilities of the planarians The planarians sensitivity to light are highly dependent on their pigmentation, since the darker ones has less response to light than the lighter ones Why is bilateral symmetry more adaptive than radial symmetry for a motile animal. Bilateral symmetry aids int he movement of an animal, cephalization helps it in its directed movement towards a stimulus whether its prey or another stimulus. Organisms that exhibit radial symmetry have less control over its movements. Describe the motion of the flatworms? The motion of the flatworms seem to be random but their movement seems to be controlled by longitudinal contractions of the muscles in the flatworm. This movement is similar to peristalsis in mammalian swallowing.



Animal Diversity

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Phylum Nematoda

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Describe their motions They move in a S-like pattern and their motions are trashy and violent.

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Animal Diversity

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! ! ingestion can also take place

A two way opening digestive tract or a complete digestive system ensures that as food is being digested

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Phylum Annelida How does it differ from the flatworms and roundworms Flatworms have flat bodies; roundworms have cylindrical bodies most flatworms are monecious; roundworms are diecious flatworms have no digestive tract or an incomplete digestive tract but roundworms have a complete digestive tract

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Animal Diversity

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How does specialization of the organs in the digestive system increase the efficiency of digestion When the organized are specialized they function more efective since they don't take up excess energy performing the functions of other organs.

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