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Scars can take up to a year to heal as they mature, soften, flatten and fade. Scars, including surgical, burn, and trauma are at risk for less than optimal healing outcomes when they exist in areas frequently exposed to the sun’s UV rays. During that time, new scars are highly susceptible to UV photo damage. Patients are typically advised to keep scars covered and away from exposure to the sun, as this can cause permanent discoloration of the scar. It is usually the case that any post-op wound would be covered with surgical tape following the immediate weeks after, however patient compliance prevents adherence long-term.
Available on the market are several scar and wound over-the-counter and prescription remedies. These are most often a combination therapy of a silicone based gel and a protective covering. The silicone based gel’s mechanism of action is to prevent Transepidermal water loss, normalizing collagen production, and shielding against microbes, whereby creating an optimal wound healing environment. The soft band-aid-like cover defends against the product being rubbed off, as well as offers UV light protection, which otherwise can result in darkening of skin.
This treatment regimen is tedious, cumbersome, and as can be costly over time. Depending on the product, most require reapplication and changing of coverings numerous times a day. They are generally not convenient systems, and entail multiple steps. These products can be purchased in limited sizes, usually only medium and large covers. Moreover, if the scar is located in clear site, one may not feel comfortable in public advertising these large Band-aids. Water activity would essentially be limited as adhesive coverings tend not to tolerate prolonged water submersion. So there are many drawbacks to be considered when choosing scar treatment therapies. Biocorneum with SPF obliterates these problems.
Biocorneum, like traditional silicone based scar therapies, prevents transepidermal water loss, normalizes collagen production, shields against microbial invasion, and additionally has SPF build in. Unlike traditional therapies however, Biocornium utilizes advancements in technology, creating its own shield once dry, rendering a separate cover unnecessary.
The treatment regimen is quite simple. The Product comes in a portable pump container. One small pump of gel is applied, twice daily, in a very thin layer to scar and allowed to dry (4-5 minutes). It works best when product has 24-hour contact with skin. Treatment typically should last 60-90 days for new scars and 90 days for older scars.
Per Biocorneum- the benefits are clear:
It is the only 100% silicone scar treatment w/ SPF 30
Self dries and binds w/ skin in 4-5 min, forming transparent flexible sheet
Softens and flattens raised scars
Reduces associated itch and discomfort
Very water resistant
Cosmetics may be applied once dry
Ideal for the face, neck, chest, hands, and any other area exposed to sun
May be used on flexures, joints, irregular surfaces, as well as large area scars
Can be used in conjuction with pressure garments or any other tx option.

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