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Media Review#2
The advertisement that I chose for the week’s blog was a TV ad for birth control called nuvaring. I have seen numerous advertisements regarding to the use of birth control but nothing like this ad. This commercial shows a group of women together explaining to convenience of being on Nuvaring. As a personal user of this certain method I have to agree with majority of the stuff they were saying in this ad.
The idea that the commercial is trying to promote is the convenience of this contraception method that will not hinder your day-to-day schedule. It also promotes to women who have heavy menstrual cycles that they have the advantage to skip their cycle every other month. Of course, in the commercial it promoted the positive main points regarding this contraception. Commercials such as the one I selected also made experiencing a menstrual cycles an “ease” as a main point, when in reality we know that all experiences are different.
What I liked most about the advertisement is how they gave so much key information in a little bit of time that a woman like myself could relate to if I was considering getting on birth control for the first time. Birth control for any woman should be consulted with their caregiver before being prescribed. The thing I liked least about the advertisement is the mum silence they had when it came to listing their side effects. Anybody before accessing contraceptives should know the list of side effects, and what should you do if you at least get sick while using the contraceptive. Here is a countless list of side effects, and they do not explain the pain you will endure if you do not do correct dosage.

Almedia, Jackie (2012) Nuvaring Commercial. Retrieved from (

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