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Black Robe


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Black Robe
There were several clashes of cultures between the European and the Native Americans during the 17th century. The film, ‘Black Robe’ depicts some of the differences in culture and beliefs between the French and the native Indians. The film attributes an event that took place during the war between the French funded Algonquin and the British and Dutch funded Iroquois tribe. The film features Father Laforgue a Jesuit priest. This essay will discuss the various challenges that Father Laforgue faces (as portrayed by the film) while trying to spread Christianity to the Native Americans due to the cultural differences.
The film begins by showing how the French settlers were struggling to convert the local tribe of Algonquin (with whom they were collaborating) to Christians with no success. In turn, the leader of the French settlers decided to send one of their Jesuit priest to try saving and accomplishing their failed mission in converting the local tribes into Christianity. The Jesuit priest selected was father Laforgue. He was accompanied by an assistant named Daniel (who was not a member of the Jesuit priests) and a number of locals from the Algonquin tribe. On the way to the village of Huron, Daniel fell in love with one of the locals. This was not an ambiguous occurrence to the locals; however, father Laforgue did not feel at ease with the issue because he was a member of the Catholic Church male congregation that practiced celibacy. While still traveling they encountered the native tribe of Innu who at no time had they ever come face to face with a Frenchman. The diviner or healer of the native tribe of Innu became suspicious of the Frenchmen and got envious of Father Laforgue influence on the tribe of Algonquin. Later, full of resentment he accused the Christian Frenchmen of believing and worshiping evil spirit. He convinces

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Black Robe

...Jan 17th, 2014 Black Robe The film Black Robe was set in 1634, it begins in the tiny French settlement that became Quebec City. Jesuit missionaries are trying to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to embrace Christianity on their journey. Samuel de Champlain, founder of the settlement, sends Father LaForgue, a young Jesuit priest, to find a distant Catholic mission in a Huron village. LaForgue is accompanied on his journey by a non-Jesuit assistant, Daniel, and a group of Algonquin Indians whom Champlain has assigned with guiding him to the Huron village. This group includes Chomina who is an older, experienced traveller who has dreams; his wife and Annuka their daughter. Daniel and Annuka fall in love, to the discomfort of the celibate LaForgue. The group met with a band of Montagnais Native Americans who have never met Frenchmen before. The Montagnais shaman is suspicious of LaForgue's influence over the Algonquins. He accuses him of being a devil. He encourages Chomina and the other Algonquins to abandon the two Frenchmen and travel instead to a winter hunting lodge. LaForgue accepts his fate, but Daniel is determined to stay with Annuka and follows the Indians. There was an attempt Daniel’s life by one of the Indians, Chomina is consumed by guilt at having betrayed Champlain's trust. He and a few other members of the Algonquin tribe return with Daniel to try to find LaForgue. As they recover LaForgue, a party of Native Americans attacks them, killing Chomina's wife and...

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Black Robe

...Black Robe was a movie depicting interaction between French colonists/settlers, specifically a French Jesuit priest (Father Laforgue) and the Algonquin tribe of Native Americans, (led by Chomina, who is the tribe elder). It takes place in “New France” which is on the American continent, somewhere near what is now Quebec, in 1634. I enjoyed the film. There were specific scenes in which the parallels between the Jesuits and the Algonquins are made plain, specifically the scene in which the head Jesuit and the head Algonquin get all dressed in their ceremonial gear, and how they worship and assemble as groups. Cinematically, the flashback/prophecy scenes for Chomina were well done, making you wonder and look forward to what they portend. I think the flashback scenes of Laforgue were not done as well, as the first two scenes were difficult for me to understand that they were flashbacks, but after that, the idea was established. The dead hunt at night, the trees and the forest speak to you, the power and prominence of dreams were all depicted as being very important to Algonquin belief. Continuous prayer, the belief in a paradise awaiting after death, Baptism, and strict adherence to Christian beliefs are depicted as very important to the Jesuit. The French Jesuits viewed the Algonquins (and other Native Americans) as savages/barbarians in need of saving in order to enter Paradise after death. The Algonquins mostly believed (in the beginning) that “Captain Clock” had something...

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