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Blue Mountain Resort


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Blue Mountain Resort
Blue Mountain Resort (BMR) is a very labor intensive company. Their success is heavily influenced by their employees, many of them seasonal. A problem that has become evident is the lack of continuity between employees, departments, and customers. There exists a lack of infrastructure supporting interdepartmental cooperation. Dave Sinclair has an important choice ahead of him which if any recommendation to deploy. He has already won part of the battle by recognizing a problem, and asking those involved in frontline processes for suggestions. The following suggestions were made and will be analyzed in this report; a customer flow proposal, a speed of service proposal, and a proposal to deploy a universal operational information system.

Customer Flow
The first SWOT team suggested BMR implement a customer flow process, aimed at improving guest familiarization. This would be done by hiring additional staff in parking lots, retraining call center staff, having more information booths, and developing other multimedia methods. This proposal would do a good job at informing customers, addressing parking concerns, and managing capacity, all of which would increase efficiency of the customer flow process. A few weaknesses could surface in implementation and should be addressed before any decision is made. Is there a support structure behind the multimedia options, i.e. is the information readily available to place on an intranet, or standalone computer kiosk. Where would each booth be placed? Will it be located where it is most utilized? Will the information given to customers be the same from each employee? Where will employees get information? Are we efficient digging through old binders to find answers for our customers? Customers could easily become over stimulated with too much information not applicable to their personal needs.

Speed of

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