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Boeing Australia Limited Case

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Boeing Australia Limited Case

Boeing Australia Limited Case Report

Table of Contents Page Part 1 Executive Summary 2 Part 2 Issue Identification 3 Part 3 Environmental and Root Cause Analysis 3

Part 4 Alternatives and Options 4

Part 5 Recommendations and Implementation 6 Part 6 Monitor and Control 7 Part 7 Conclusion 7

Part 1: Executive Summary Following a detailed examination of Boeing Australia Limited’s current procurement processes, I am recommending that BAL continue to use its existing legacy systems. There is a limited budget at this time to invest in new projects. BAL has done an impressive job initiating many short term improvements and I feel at this time it makes sense to allocate our resources and focus on this continuous improvement program. In order to arrive at this decision, an analysis of the pros and cons of implementing a new e-procurement system was conducted. Due to the large monetary investment required and the overall scale of this project, it is not practical to commit to a new system today. We have been successful at executing many effective changes in the area of procurement and will continue to do so in the future. This will help to streamline our processes, improve customer and supplier relations and most importantly, will ensure that Boeing Australia will meet its long term strategic goals.

Russell Menere
National Procurement Manager
Boeing Australia Limited

Part 2: Issue Identification The current issue facing Boeing Australia Ltd. (BAL) is the critical decision of investing in a new e-procurement system. The existing procurement process is quite complex and there are redundancies throughout the system. Not only is this process extremely time consuming; it negatively impacts BAL’s...

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