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Essay – A book of special significance

The book that has a special significance to me is “XML Bible” 2nd Edition by Elliotte Rusty Harold

Deciding on the right book to study is mostly a matter of choice. Mili writes,

It is always necessary to decide what books one should read. For selecting the best books we generally consult our teachers, librarians and our well read friends...We should read only the books that enlighten our mind and suggest accurate and authentic knowledge to the readers...(Book).

I read the above book when I was in two minds whether to take classroom training in XML. I am glad now that I decided to study this book fully before anything else. The XML Bible is concise yet complete, elaborate yet accurate. It is multi-functional and works as a guide, tutorial, manual and reference book.

The book is significant because it is both an invaluable resource and provides the much needed direction which is very much essential while trying to understand technology. I studied this book with the task of assimilating and applying the new documentation standard – XML. The book is credit- worthy because it explains XML and its applications authentically as well as informally steering the reader towards seeing XML everywhere in the digital world.

“XML stands for Extensible Markup Language...XML is a meta-markup language” (Harold 3).

“XML describes structure and semantics, not formatting” (Harold 5).

Further, the author states that it is easy to develop field specific markup languages based on XML. For eg. Chemistry, Music, Human Resources (6).

Essentially, this book read from cover to cover makes you experience the power of XML in the real world around you. First, one starts noticing XML in small ways, then one realises that XML is everything in the digital documentation world.

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