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British Literature of the 20th Century

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Introduction 3
At the Turn of the Century 4
The 20th Century Literary Background 5
Modernism 6
Poets of the First World War 11
The Interwar Years 13
British Postwar Literature 19
Conclusion 27
References 29


The 20th century seems to be the most dramatic and unique: it witnessed two world wars and great social, economic and political changes. All this events could not but find their reflection in the arts in general and in the literature in particular. The urgency of the work is determined by the complexity of the period considered and variety of forms and trends which appeared during the century.
The object of the project is British literature.
The aim of the project is to consider the peculiarities and distinct features of the British literature of the 20th century.
In order to gain the project’s aim, during its implementation the following practical issues were studied:
- the most distinguished writers of the period;
- their contribution to development of the British literature;
- key topics.
The project’s aim and issues considered predetermined the choice of methods of research. During the project’s implementation the following methods were used: critical survey of the sources on the issue considered, as well as comparison and analysis.
Theoretical value of the project is constituted by the analysis of the peculiarities and distinct features of the British literature of the 20th century.
Practical value of the project is predetermined by the possibility to use it in practice in courses of world and British history and literature.
The project’s aim and issues considered determined the structure of the project, which consists of an introduction, several paragraphs, conclusion and references. The introduction contains urgency, aim and issues of the project. The paragraphs unveil key periods in development…...

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