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Bengals-Steelers Preview
There are three teams still in contention to win the AFC North, but the struggles of the division's two perennial powerhouses seem to have left the door wide open for the Cincinnati Bengals.
The Associated Press

Anthony, 3 others tossed as Bulls beat Knicks
NEW YORK (AP) -- Bottled up by the Bulls and baffled by the officials, Carmelo Anthony expected to spend the final minutes of the Knicks' loss alone in the locker room.
16 mins agoThe Associated Press

Lives remembered at string of Conn. services
The community of Newtown, Conn., is in the thick of funerals and memorial services for the 26 children and adults killed a week ago at an elementary school. A look at services held Friday:
Associated Press
Exclusive ‘Django Unchained’ trailer, plus Kerry Washington talks tough days on set
"More blood!?" Kerry Washington recalled saying on the set of "Django Unchained" in apparent disbelief over Quentin Tarantino's latest vengeance-themed cinematic creation. The new "Django" trailer, seen here first on Yahoo! Movies, features the most we've seen yet of Washington as Broomhilda -- the…
Yahoo! Movies Golden Globes Blog

NRA offensive exposes deep U.S. divisions on guns
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Any chance for national unity on U.S. gun violence appeared to wane a week after the Connecticut school massacre, as the powerful NRA gun rights lobby called on Friday for armed guards in every school and gun-control advocates vehemently rejected the proposal. The solution…
Texas' Myck Kabongo suspended for first 23 games, must repay $475
Texas' Myck Kabongo suspended for first 23 games, must repay $475
Yahoo! Sports
Sixers paced by defense in easy win
PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia 76ers rediscovered their defense Friday night. Their

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...You will hear four different people talk about things that made them feel strong emotions. Jot each speaker’s information under their corresponding picture. (el 4 es Emmett personaje anterior) • Listen again to the audio and identify each of the speaker’s emotions. 1. Patti ____________________________________________________________ 2. Georgia__________________________________________________________ 3. Rafael___________________________________________________________ 4. Emmett__________________________________________________________ • Get together with a partner and choose one of the speakers above. Share your notes and impressions and try to reconstruct their story as closely as possible. Ask your teacher to play the audio again if necessary. H: Grammar. One of the / some of the That day was one of the scariest days in my entire life. SUP.+ Noun(Plural)+ R.G* Being scared and relieved were some of the most powerful feelings that day. SUP.+ Noun(Plural)+ R.G 1. We use “one of the” + superlative to indicate that something is part of a group. 2. We use “some of the”+superlative to indicate that more than one thing is part of a group. 3. After “one of the” and “some of the” we always use the plural noun. I: Complete the dialog with your own information. Then, work with a partner and practice it together. Get ready to perform...

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Antidepressants relieve one’s self from depression on the contrary, it still harmfully affect humans. Studies show that antidepressant users are more likely in peril than those of non-users. Researchers found that it affects all the systems in the body. Antidepressants are not efficient medicine though it may lessen depression to increase the level of happiness. Common antidepressant users blame their anxiety as the root of their medicine dependency. Depression is a dreadful nightmare anyone would ever want to escape. And this is why people use different medicine to overcome this horror. Often, personal problems cause their depression. While not all reasons may be their misery’s fault, certain and various causes may also take place. Famous popstar Britney Spears claimed that she was being prescribed antidepressants at the age of 18. She would take the medicine everytime she feels restless and tired, but then the continuous intake made her mental state even worse. There are times she would wake up feeling depressed. As this horror frightened her, she decided not to take it again. Certain cases lead to different diseases. Even worse, it can lead to death. There are a lot of things you can do to replace this approach. One way is by simply listening to music. Using antidepressants can surely eliminate your burden, but will it last longer than you think? These are the stories that let people think again about certain choices. We encounter problems to become stronger, and we do not really need...

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...BLUE AND RED HERP DERP Oops … she did it again! Britney Spears has found herself smack dab in the middle of another controversy pertaining to her photo spread in the December issue of Lucky, which hit the web on Friday. "The X Factor" judge dons several different relatively conservative outfits in the mag and reveals some of her fashion secrets — for example, she hates socks. While the whole thing seems pretty innocuous, there's been a big backlash from her fans, who are complaining that the entertainer seems to be wearing a bad wig in pictures that appear to be heavily retouched. [Related: Stars Without Photoshop] In the photos, the 30-year-old singer's hairline does look lower than usual and her part is in a different spot. The texture of her locks also seems different — it's much fuller and more unnatural looking than what we see when she's seated at the judges' table, prompting rumors that she's wearing a wig or some type of a weave. One fan even tweeted at the mag, "Did @britneyspears even show up for the photoshoot or did you just photoshop her face on a body[?]" To us, Spears' tresses scream Kim Zolciak — and we all know that "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is all about the wigs. [Related: Kim Zolciak Wigs Out] In the Lucky interview, Spears also talks about her issues dealing with acne, but you can't see a single mark on her face in the pics. While magazines are known for retouching, fans found this to be an "extreme" example with some saying she looks "unrecognizable...

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