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Hugh McCauley, COO, has requested that the HR system be integrated into a single application. This proposal documents my approach to gathering requirements and scoping the HRIS. In the following weeks I will outline the approach for implementing the entire HR system.
The aim of this proposal is to help Riordan deploy a new HRIS. The new, modern HR system will make sure that each location can have a high level of compatibility through a standardized operating system. They will begin to implement the new system in six months, and it will be operational by next year's second quarter. Riordan's HRIS system will be updated by a developing team, who will come up with a project plan and tell management what resources they need. To understand the project goal, the problem's domain and stakeholders must be identified. Interviewing different users will pinpoint particular problems in the system and begin to develop a possible solution. “Requirement elicitation must focus on the creation of requirements, not design activities, in order to adequately address users’ concerns and not just developer needs” (Christel & Kang, p. 18, 1992). Sometimes it is an indefinite goal to gather a problem's requirements, and it is possible that design language makes the unclear specifications unverifiable. The following techniques will be used to find specific user requirements. * Workshops- that facilitating meetings with many stakeholders. * Surveys – collecting information from stakeholders anonymously. * Documentation review – using company data to find requirements. Data flow diagrams can help illustrate the system's information. * Prototyping – coming up with models of the project at different stages of development. * Observation – developing requirements by observing natural users. * Focus groups (JAD sessions) – collaborative interviews with a

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