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Bsa 375 Week 4


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Sr-rm-022 part 3
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Sr-rm-022 part 3
Implementation Stage The final stage of the SDLC and of this project is the implementation stage, in this stage the system is installed and made operational in the product environment after the user and acceptance testing. This stage can be separated into six phases; coding, testing, installation, documentation, training, and support. Each of these phases in crucial to the success of subsequent phases therefore Riordan must pay special attention to each. * Coding- during the creation of this new system for Riordan all programmers must pay special attention to all desired features and functions so that in latter phases errors can be kept at a minimum. The goal of this phase is to create the actually processes of the new system's design within the software. * Testing- In the testing phase all system components are tested at multiple integration levels of the new system to verify the functionality and completeness of the system. Systems requirements are traced throughout the testing phase to identify variances from specifications and requirements. This phase requires user acceptance testing and is an important factor in ensuring that the system satisfies its intended use and meets user needs. Both Alpha and Beta testing will be conducted to thoroughly vet the new system. * Installation- The installation phase will consist of the old Human Resource system being removed or even combined with the new Human Resource System. There are four distinct installation methods which can be used to install the new system; Direct, Parallel, Pilot, and Phased. Each method has benefits and drawbacks and should be thoroughly researched to make sure they are the proper fit for Riordan Manufacturing. * Documentation- This phase contains all the information pertaining to the

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